Viaje Organizado Camino Santiago

Santiago de Compostela is the capital of the autonomous region of Galicia in Spain. It’s also a famous heritage site. In 1998, it had been hailed because the town of culture in Europe. This is the site of the cathedral the last stop in the route of the famous pilgrimage that first started within the 9th century. The pilgrimage is accompanied by a large number of pilgrims who either walk, ride bikes or horses to reach their destination which is Santiago.

Santiago has a warm and pleasant climate for most areas of the entire year. The temperature ranges from 5°C to 20°C. Santiago receives plenty of tourists throughout the year because of its very pleasant weather that’s always sunny and warm. A brief history of Santiago states it’s founded by Suebi in 400 AD, after the fall of the Roman Empire. The town was raided by the Arabs constantly from 711 to 739. In the year 800, Saint James’ remains were found in the Santiago and for that reason of this discovery, Santiago was declared like a Holy City. During the Napoleonic War, Santiago was captured by France.

Santiago is stuffed with historic monuments. You will find palaces, churches, monuments and much more beautiful places that count visiting. The historic center of the city consists of charming streets, granite buildings and squares that show off the rich history of Santiago that goes back for many centuries. The best and most popular monument in Santiago is the Cathedral. Tourists throughout the planet come to the city simply to view the cathedral.

Santiago has lots or restaurants, taverns and bars scattered all around the city. These food establishments serve food from different cuisines aside from the local food. You will find restaurants that provide very economical but delicious food while you will find others that focus on the greater expensive palate. The standard dishes of Santiago in many cases are made with beef, fish along with other seafood freshly caught in the sea.

Viaje Organizado Camino Santiago

There are numerous parks in Santiago and also the most popular included in this are the Belvis Park, Santo Domingo de Bonaval, Susana Oak Wood and Alameda Park. There are also valleys and trails which are ideal for hiking in Santiago. The city also offers beautiful beaches which are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, diving, snorkeling, fishing and other aquatic sports. Santiago also offers excellent courses. At night, the city also has a really lively nightlife. There are lots of students, tourists as well as locals enjoying themselves in the clubs, bars and discos in the city.


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